Anaheim Police Department

Locations & Facilities

Main Station

425 South Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, CA, 92805
(714) 765-1900

The main police station in Anaheim is a two story red brick building. It property is landscaped with various species of palm trees and grass. The station is directly across the street from the Iglesia Ni Cristo church (to the east). The station is named after Mark A. Stephenson who had the station built while he was Chief of Police in 1963. The city and the police force was growing so fast back then, a new facility was needed (briefings were commonly done outdoors due to lack of space).


Traveling North on 5 Freeway

Exit Lincoln Ave. (Exit 111). Turn right on Lincoln Ave. Then turn right on South West Street. Next, turn left on West Broadway. Turn right on South Harbor Blvd. The police station will be on your right.

Traveling South on 5 Freeway

Exit Lincoln Ave. (Exit 111). Turn left on Lincoln Ave. Turn right on North Manchester Ave. Then turn left on West Broadway. Turn right on South Harbor Blvd. The police station will be on your right.


  • Obtain copies of police reports
  • Get fingerprinted
  • Meet with detectives for interviews

East Station

8201 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road
Anaheim, CA, 92808
(714) 765-3800

The East Station is right off the 91 freeway at Weir Canyon (south of the freeway). It’s a three story glass and maroon tiled building. It shares the same space at the public library and community center. The police station is adjacent to a shopping center where you will find a Pep Boys, Carl’s Jr. and El Pollo Loco restaurant.


The city of Anaheim is located in North Orange County California, just south of Los Angeles County – but for all intensive purposes sits in the center of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. The Anaheim Department was founded in 1870. That same year, the first town marshal was elected, David Davies. Davies road the dirt streets on horseback, policing the new blossoming community. 2020 was the 150th anniversary of Anaheim PD, which makes it one of the oldest police departments in California.

The main police station used to be located at City Hall, in downtown Anaheim, but with the explosive growth of the city (including Disneyland), the police department had to relocate and create two new stations starting in the 1960s.

Anaheim PD renewed its contract with Disneyland in 2014. Anaheim police outside the immediate border of Disneyland wear regular uniforms while police operating inside the resort wear plain clothes (similar to guest attire).

Anaheim Police Helicopter

Anaheim Police operates a Hughes 500 helicopter for aerial support. The picture below shows the helicopter being flown at the Mojave Spaceport in Mojave, CA.

Anaheim CA police helicopter Hughes 500

By Alan Radecki Akradecki – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Other Department Phone Numbers

Air Support Detail (714) 765-7900
Auto Theft (714) 765-1942
Burglary Detail (714) 765-1942
Canine Detail (714) 765-1564
Chaplains (714) 765-1918
Communications Center (714) 765-1900
Communications Manager (714) 765-1824
Cops 4 Kids (714) 765-1539
Crime Prevention – Central District (714) 765-1659
Crime Prevention – East District (714) 765-3814
Crime Prevention – South District (714) 765-3440
Crime Prevention – West District (714) 765-7962
Detention Facility (714) 765-1988
East Sub Station (714) 765-3800
Explorer Program (714) 765-1539
Front Counter (714) 765-1997
Grants Coordinator (714) 765-1553
Media Relations / PIO (714) 765-1521
Narcotics Hotline (714) 765-1490
Personnel / Job Info (714) 765-3926
Property & Evidence (714) 765-1849
Records Bureau (714) 765-1990
Reserve Corps (714) 765-7961
Resort Policing Team (714) 765-3410
Robbery Detail (714) 765-1594
Safe Schools Detail (714) 765-1809
Sexual Assault Detail (714) 765-1571
Special Events Detail (714) 765-3872
Tourist Oriented Policing (714) 765-3438
Traffic Bureau (714) 765-1860
Volunteer Services (714) 765-1918
Warrant Detail (714) 765-1804
West Sub Station (714) 765-7950
Youth Services (714) 765-1809

Social Media & Website

The Anaheim PD website has a helpful chat feature in the lower right-hand corner. You will see a virtual attendant saying, “Hello! If you need assistance using or accessing our services, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.”

The Anaheim PD YouTube channel has useful videos for local citizens. Here are a couple good videos:

Car Seat Tip Of The Day

Try to keep your children’s car seats facing towards the rear of your vehicle (meaning your child or children will be looking towards the rear of the vehicle). According to Anaheim PD, this position is safer. Parents tend to think that after a child is over the age of 2, they need to turn the car seat around because their feet touch the back of the regular seat. This isn’t an issue and you should continue to keep the car seat facing in this direction.

Distracted Driving Tips

This video has very practical advice that you wouldn’t expect a police department to give:

  • Younger drivers are probably going to touch their phones, so either get a car or set up their car that has a touch free / voice control technology.
  • Drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 can have driving privileges suspended until 18 if they are stopped by police for distracted driving.
  • The one thing that IS safe about motorcycles is that you can’t text and ride (except this guy can).