Frequently Asked Questions

This is our frequently asked questions page. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for on this webpage, please contact us on this page.

Q1: What does the acronym DUI stand for?

A1: The letters DUI stand for “Driving Under the Influence”. A “DUI” is given to motor vehicle operators if they operating a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or machinery equipment when they are under the influence of drugs (illegal or legal drugs) or alcohol.

Q2: Is this website free to use?

A2: Yes. is 100% free to use. Simply locate an attorney in your state and contact them.

Q3: Does it cost anything to be listed as an attorney on this website?

A3: At this time, no. Be sure to take advantage of our directory service while it is free of charge.

Q4: Does this website cover international DUI issues?

A4: This website only covers DUI issues within the United States of America. We do not cover DUI related matters for the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or any other international countries other than the USA.

Q5: Does this website give free legal advice?

A5: This website does not give free or paid legal advice. This website acts as a directory of DUI attorneys in the United States.

Q6: How do I contact this website?

A6: You can submit inquires via this web form.

Q7: I’m an attorney and I would like to be listed on How can I have my practice added to this website?

A7: Please fill out all the information on this form and press submit.

Q8: If I have a question about my DUI, who can I ask?

A8: The best route for you is to go to our DUI Attorneys by State webpage, select the state you got your DUI in, and contact and attorney. They should be able to ask your question.

Q9: Can I get a DUI for something other than alcohol?

A9: Yes. You can get a DUI for driving under the influence of illegal narcotics, prescription drugs and we have even heard of cases of driving while “too caffeinated”.

Q10: Is it true that the legal limit for all states is a blood alcohol level of .08?

A10: This is generally true, but you can still get a DUI or “wet and reckless” for being under .08. It’s best to be 100% sober before operating a motor vehicle.

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