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This page list DUI attorneys located in Baltimore.

Being the biggest city in Maryland, Baltimore sees more DUIs than any other city in the state. With plenty of night life and many motorists passing through the city limits, Baltimore PD is always busy with traffic stops, arrests and issuing citations.

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DUI Attorneys in Baltimore

Altmark, Rotter & Trock, LLP

25 Hooks Ln #204
Baltimore, MD 21208
Phone number: 410-783-9230

Portner & Shure, P.A.

400 E Pratt St UNIT 800
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone number: 410-995-1515
Facebook page:

Maronick Law LLC

201 N Charles St Suite 330
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone number: 410-244-5068
Facebook page:

Oleg Fastovsky Attorney at Law

904 Light St #100
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone number: 410-970-4977
Facebook page:

Craig M. Kadish & Associates, LLC

111 S Calvert St Suite 2805
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone number: 410-837-0020
Facebook page:

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