Charnesky & Dieglio

Charnesky & Dieglio is located at 317 S Convent Ave, Tucson, Az 85701. To the west of the location, you will find Jamie Cakes and Bakery and Etherton Gallery (as well as TTC Parking and Tucson Arena). The Museum of Contemporary Art and CXT Realty are on to the north. The Downtown Clifton Hotel and Arizona theater company are to the east. There is a small parking lot available.

Practice Areas

  • DUI Penalties
  • Breath Testing
  • Breath Testing Variables
  • Blood Testing
  • Field Sobriety Testing
  • Felony DUI Information
  • Under 21 DUI or “Baby DUI”
  • Ignition Interlocks
  • NHTSA DUI Materials

Contact Information

Address: 317 S Convent Ave,
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone number: 520-903-1422

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