Cincinnati Police Department

Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) is the main law enforcement agency for the city of Cincinnati in Ohio. The CPD has several locations in the city as the jurisdiction, and the populace it serves is substantial. Still, the headquarters are located in the very heart of the city on Ezzard Charles Drive.

Locations & Facilities

The Cincinnati Police Department has several locations in the city, so let’s take a look at each site and the information on it you’ll find most useful.

Cincinnati Police District

310 Ezzard Charles Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45214
513-765-1212 ; 513-352-3505 ; 513-352-5420

Cincinnati Police headquarters are located at 310 Ezzard Charles Drive, next to the TQL Stadium, Robert A. Taft Technology High School, and the Cincinnati Police Memorial. The building is easy to recognize, with its main entrance being on Ezzard Charles Drive, right across the Cincinnati Police Memorial. There are parking lots all around, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place to park your car.

Cincinnati Police District 2

3295 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Cincinnati Police District 2 is located in Hyde Park, at 3295 Erie Avenue, close to the East Hyde Park Commons Playground and the Cincinnati Observatory. The building is small and easy to spot as it’s surrounded by Erie Avenue, with a sizable parking lot right next to it.

Cincinnati Police District 3

2300 Ferguson Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Cincinnati Police District 3 is located at 2300 Ferguson Road, right in front of the Western Hills Square shopping mall in the Western Hills area of Cincinnati. The building is easy to locate, and the location provides ample parking spaces to use.

Cincinnati Police District 4

4150 Reading Rd
Avondale, OH 45229

Cincinnati Police Department – District 4 is located in Avondale, right in between the Avon Fields Golf Course and the Millcrest Park. Visitors can park right next to the small, unimposing building of the police department.

Cincinnati Police District 5

5837 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45224

District 5 of the Cincinnati Police is located at 5837 Hamilton Avenue in College Hill Plaza. It’s nestled in between the College Hill Fundamental Academy and Hamilton Avenue. There are parking spaces right in front of the main entrance that looks at the College Hill Plaza.


The first semblance of a police force in Cincinnati came as soon as the village was incorporated in 1802. It was practically a night watch, while a real police force was established more than 50 years later when the first police commissioner was appointed.

The police force had an eventful and rich history over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries. As it would take us too long to cover all of it, you can learn more about that part of the history on the site of the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum.

The 21st century was and still is quite eventful. Still, of everything that happened, the most notable are the 2001 Cincinnati riots that occurred after a fatal shooting of a 19-year old black man, Timothy Thomas, by a white police officer.

Past Police Chiefs

  • Jacob Keifer – the first police chief
  • Thomas Looken
  • Edward H. Hopkins
  • Lawrence M. Hazen
  • James L. Ruffin
  • Ira Wood
  • Philip H. Deitsch
  • Paul M. Milliken
  • Stanley R. Schrotel
  • Carl V. Goodin
  • Thomas H. Streicher Jr.

These are just some of the names of the many people who have served as police chiefs at the Cincinnati Police Department. The current police chief is Eliot Isaac.


The CPD has been serving the city of Cincinnati since 1859. It works in a jurisdiction with 79.54 square miles with 52 diverse neighborhoods that house a population of around 300,000 people.

According to the latest numbers, there are over 1,000 police officers in the Cincinnati Police Department and more than 100 unsworn members.


The Cincinnati Police Department is always looking for new people to join their police force. However, the CBD is an award-winning police agency with a solid national reputation. This can only mean that you will have to prove your worth if you want to join the force.

Right on the official site of the city of Cincinnati, you can learn more about how to apply, the applications you need to fill, and what the exact requirements are.

You can look forward to a $17.22 hourly wage and health, dental, and vision insurance while at the 28-week long Police Academy training program. After five years, police officers at CPD have a salary between $61,501 and $73,558 and a whole host of benefits and paid leave.

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