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Driving is a Privilege in Connecticut

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before: “driving is a privilege, not a right”. Well in Connecticut they mean this. Anyone that operates a vehicle within the state boundaries of Connecticut has “given their consent” to a blood alcohol test the second they drove across the state line. It doesn’t matter if you have a New York State drivers license or any other state drivers license for that matter. The second you’re driving in Connecticut, you’re in their jurisdiction.

Prosecuted Without Any Direct Evidence?


In Connecticut, one can be prosecuted for an “OUI” (operating under the influence) regardless of whether or not any evidence of being intoxicated was found. It’s as simple as: if you were found driving “impaired”, you can be prosecuted for an OUI. Even thought, this is the case, they still use blood alcohol levels to define what “legal intoxication” is:

  • .08 or higher if over the age of 21
  • .02 or higher if under the age of 21

Ride Sharing & Other Driving Options

If you’ve received an OUI or just want more information on how you can keep from getting one, be sure to look into all the possible ride sharing apps available in your state and nearby. If you’re visiting New York City, you can easy take a taxi cab or request a ride share into Connecticut. Also, if you’re a resident, be sure to visit your local city website and look at your city’s transportation options. Some cities have free shuttles as well as bus services.

Finally, many outfits will provide rides for you (sometimes for free), if you are intoxicated and can not drive. This is becoming an increasingly popular option, as most citizens want to keep drunk drivers off the road.

There’s other services that will drive your car for you, so you can avoid being arrested for drunk driving. One such service is

Hiring a Lawyer & Doing Your Due Diligence

It’s always a good idea to do some preliminary research before you hire a lawyer. One of the first things to do (after you’ve assembled a list of potential lawyers) is to check to see if they have any grievances. You can go to State of Connecticut Grievance Decisions Form to check to see if any of the lawyers on your list have grievances. This will help you filter (narrow it down) your list to make sure you’re sticking with reputable professionals.