How to find a good DUI Attorney

In this short article, we discuss a simple 3-step process for finding a good DUI attorney.

1. Referral.

The best way to find a DUI attorney is to speak with someone you know who has gone through this before. Ask them about the process and how they felt about their attorney. If they got excellent representation at an affordable price, by all means call that lawyer.

2. Make a List.

Don’t choose the first attorney you find. Make a list of 10 to 20 attorneys and write down the following information about each of them: years of experience, number of cases tried, your first impression of them, phone number, website URL, and pricing. After you have compiled the following list, review the information and number your top five picks.

3. Don’t Waste Time.

The defense process starts with you. You need to be proactive and find your DUI attorney quickly. Be sure to do your homework first, so don’t be impulsive, but still act quickly. The more time your lawyer has to prepare your case, the better chance you have of lessening the damage done by your DUI infraction. Keep in mind that the DUI legal process can interfere with your job and your family life. The best way to schedule around this is to prepare ahead of time.