Jersey City Police Department

Jersey City Police Department is the official police force of Jersey City, the second-most populous city in the state of New Jersey. The JCPD force has headquarters on 1 Journal Square Plaza and four additional districts for four different city areas. This way, the JCPD covers the entirety of Jersey City, from Bayonne to the south, to Hoboken to the north.

Locations & Facilities

As the police force in Jersey City has several locations and facilities, we’ll cover all of them. We’ll give you some information and contact data on all of them, together with the exact locations, so you can find them if you need to.

Jersey City Police Department

1 Journal Square Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 547-5477

The main building of the Jersey City Police Department is located on 1 Journal Square Plaza, with the main entrance to the building being on John F. Kennedy Boulevard and Cottage Street. The parking lot is found behind the building, and you can access it via Cottage Street.

Jersey City Police Department North District

282 Central Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307
(201) 547-5350

JCPD North District is located on 282 Central Avenue, only two blocks north of Pershing Field Park. The district encompasses an area north of the northern tip of Hackensack River to Secaucus and then east from Paterson Plank Road to Palisade Avenue.

Jersey City Police Department South District

191 Bergen Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 547-5456

JCPD South District is found at 191 Bergen Avenue but encompasses a large area of Jersey City that starts at Liberty State Park on the bank of the Hudson River and runs westward to Hackensaw River. The district then covers the rest of Jersey City all the way to Bayonne to the south.

Jersey City Police Department East District

207 7th Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 547-5408

The East District of JCPD can be found at 207 7th Street in the heart of the city. It encompasses the Historic Downtown area, The Waterfront, Newport, and several other areas in the vicinity.

Jersey City Police Department West District

1 Jackson Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304
(201) 547-5450

JCPD West District is located at 1 Jackson Avenue in the western part of Jersey City. The borders of this district’s jurisdiction run from Ege Avenue, north to Sip Avenue, and west to Hackensack River.


The Jersey City Police Department began its service in 1829. After a long history, it reached the size it has today, with five distinct police districts and a total of 975 uniformed police officers, 200 crossing guards, and more than 200 civilian workers.

The current police chief of the Jersey City Police Department is Tawana Moody, who is, in fact, the 1st civilian appointed to this vital role.

Services JCPD Districts Provide

North District offers assistance to the homeless residents of Jersey City. It also coordinates the Christmas toy drive and a program that strives to create valuable relationships with the people of Jersey City.

South District deals with meetings with local community associations all over the year. They also do clean-up work with the Department of Public Works.

East District has a partnership with the public school system of Jersey City and works with at risk-students mostly. It also serves in other events like meetings with neighborhood associations.

West District provides assistance to the homeless people of Jersey City, much like the North District. They also work on the Chat for Change program designed to improve the relationship between the police and local residents.

JCPD Online Services You Can Use

If you have any concerns about the workings of the Jersey City Police Department, you can always file a complaint to the Internal Affairs Unit. It’s responsible for investigating any potential misconduct on the part of the JCPD officers.

To report any kind of anonymous tip, the Jersey City Police Department has made sure to offer ways for you to do that easily. You can email the police via [email protected] or call them via 855-527-8477 or 855-JCP-TIPS. Naturally, if you want to report a crime taking place right now, you still need to dial 911.


You can easily apply for a job at the Jersey City Police Department as they are currently hiring new officers. Use this link to learn more about how to apply and what you need for it.

Bear in mind that there are strict requirements like being 18 to 35 years old, having a valid NJ driver’s license, and a few other terms.

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