Longview Police Department

Longview is a city in Texas, and its police department is the Longview Police Department. The LPD serves a population of more than 81,000 people and an area of 55.93 square miles. The head office of the Longview Police Department is located in the center of the city, next to the City Hall and in the same building as the Municipal Court of Longview.

Longview Police Department Locations & Facilities

302 W Cotton St, Longview
TX 75601, United States

The Longview Police Department headquarters are easy to find as they are located in the very heart of Longview, in the same building as the Municipal Court. The building shares a larger complex area where the City Hall and the Utilities Department of Longview can be found.


The building is easy to approach from both streets surrounding it, West Cotton Street and West South Street. You can find a parking spot right in front of the building or around the back if you decide to approach the LPD from the back. Either way, the building is hard to miss, and thanks to the size of the parking lots, there is always a place to park your car.


Longview didn’t have a police department until the early 1900s. Until 1901 when the Police Force of the City of Longview was formed, the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office served the city’s residents.

In 1923, the position of City Sheriff was changed to Police Chief, and Martin Hays became the first police chief of Longview. The police department first expanded in the 1930s when a traffic officer and a night sergeant were added to the force of one.

After WWII, there were already 12 commissioned police officers working long hours. By the 1950s, there were more than 20 officers and several police cars.

The LPD continued to grow and moved to its current location at 302 West Cotton Street in 1978.

Later in the 90s and 2000s, the PD rapidly grew until it reached the size it has today, together with the numerous departments and bureaus.

Police Chief of Longview PD

The current Police Chief is Mike Bishop, and he works with 237 sworn police officers and civilian employees. There are 175 police officers and 62 civilian employees. The goal of all of them is to gain the confidence and faith of all the people they serve.

Online Services

Longview Police Department has an extensive website with several useful services you can use. Here are some of the more important ones.

Accident Reports

The LPD website puts accident reports online and allows people to purchase them via a third-party website Crashdocs. You can also get a self-reporting crash form that will help you file a claim with your insurance company if you were in a car accident.

Interactive Crime Map

LPD provides the population with an interactive crime map that was made in partnership with MapNimbus.com. It’s a useful tool for the citizens and businesses to view the crimes reported in Longview.

Forms, Applications, and Permits

You can also complete and file many forms, permits, and applications right from the LPD website.


The Longview Police Department is always accepting new police officers and other employees for a wide range of positions. If you’re interested in joining the City of Longview police department, you should head over to their website and check the requirements. There are several forms that need to be filled, and only qualified people will receive an invitation from the LPD for testing and potentially getting a job.

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The Longview Police Department has a great video where police officers explain why they serve and protect the people of Longview. Every police officer has their own reason, but you’ll be surprised how so many of them have decided to serve in the force out of a motivation to help the people around them.

It’s a useful short video that could help you understand whether you want to join them or at least meet the people whose life’s work is to protect you.