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Getting a DUI in West Virginia

There are two things that need to be considered when charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in West Virginia. First thing is to take such charges seriously. Otherwise you might get into severe troubles including losing your job, affecting both your future and personal life. So it’s always better to stay away from such acts than to get caught into these long lasting penalties.

The second step would be to hire an attorney or a lawyer who has got good experience in dealing with such cases in the state of West Virginia. The laws in West Virginia need special understanding. Finding the best lawyer or attorney might make a huge difference in the result of the courtroom proceedings. The lawyers you can find here are well aware of the laws of West Virginia and most importantly have experience in dealing with such issues. The lawyers at DUI will first review your case. All the information provided will be kept confidential. And also this first review of DUI is free.

Typical penalties for first time DUI offenders in West Virgina:

In West Virginia if you are driving and your blood alcohol content is .10% than you are considered to be under the influence however if the blood alcohol content is less than .10% but greater than .05% even than it is considered that your ability as a driver has been affected. So due to this reason it is possible that you might lose your driving license.

The penalties include:

Jail Time: You will have to stay a minimum of 1 day in jail. While in more severe cases this penalty might be up to 6 months.

Fines: A minimum fine of $100 and a maximum fine of up to $500.

Suspension of Drivers license: Your drivers license can be suspended for at least 6 months to a whole year and with a reinstatement fee of $65.

Community Service: You might be required to do a community service instead of imprisonment.

If you kill or seriously injure someone: In extreme cases you might also be charged with felony DUI in which the penalties are much severe especially if you were involved in an accident leading to a severe injury or even death of a person.

First Time DUI Offenders Under The Age of 21

If you are 21 or less and caught driving under influence of alcohol (any amount) then you can lose your drivers license for 2 months.

Additional State Requirement: After being convicted for driving under the influence it is obligatory to take an “alcohol assessment” to find out about the amount of your alcohol problems. In addition to that you are charged for that assessment. Treatment and Education: Before you can reinstate your driving license (at a fee) you must complete and pass a safety and treatment program. And without a surprise you will be charged for this program.

What happens if you refuse to take Blood Alcohol Test in West Virgina?

If a person refuses to take the chemical tests including blood, urine or breath than his or her license will be suspended for a whole year. And before their license can be reinstated they need to take the alcohol education and treatment program as mentioned before.

Ways To Reduce Punishment, Fines Etc

The penalty on the suspension of your license can be reduced to as much as half if you agree to volunteer in the ignition interlock program. In West Virginia DMV both controls and administers this program. Participation is not necessary but one can volunteer. There is a fee of $25 plus you have to buy a device costing almost $105. And along with that you must have completed the safety and treatment program in order to be enrolled in ignition interlock program. In return you can reduce your penalty by half.

Group Meetings and Therapy

For average offenders who had a BAC of around .10% there is an 18 hour components (phase 1) while for offenders who had a BAC of .15% or above need to attend group meetings and abstinence testing. And again all the expenses need to be paid by you.

What Will Happen To Your Auto Insurance

There are chances that your insurance company might drop you or at least raise your insurance rates. Also the rates of your family members and even your employer are at risk of being increased.