What is a SR-22?

what is a sr-22


When you get a DUI, chances are your driver’s license will be suspended. A SR-22 is a form that your insurance company files with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). It must be filed before you can drive again.

It tells the DMV that the minimum liability coverage has been purchased by the person who has a suspended license. It also requires the insurance company to notify the DMV if this person’s insurance has been terminated or the person hasn’t kept up with their insurance payments. If this occurs, that person’s driver’s license will be suspended until another SR-22 is filed.

IMPORTANT! The term and the form SR-22 is common throughout most states. However, each state has their own process and agency that deals with this form. When browsing the internet, be sure you are looking at information relevant to your state or the state you may have received an infraction in. Generally, this form serves the same purpose in most states.