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The Baker Law Firm L.L.C.

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Daniel Raynak

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Law Offices of Matthew H. Green

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Charnesky & Dieglio L.L.C

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Law Offices Of David Michael Cantor

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Marc J. Victor, P.C. Attorney At Law

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Richelsoph Law Office, PC

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Blumberg & Associates

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Craig C. Gillespie

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Tony Rogers Attorney at Law

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Leonardo & Roach Attorney’s at Law

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Palmisano Law Offices PLC

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Cheryl A. Brown Attorney

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Chad Shell Attorney

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Dwane M. Cates Attorney

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Mark S. Williams Attorney

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Trezza & Thrush Attorneys At Law

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Law Offices of Thomas Wilson P.C.

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Dean Norris Phillips and Associates

3030 North 3rd Street Suite 1100

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Stephanie K Bond Attorney

100 North Stone Avenue

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Joel P. Borowiec Attorney

4226 Avenida Cochise Suite 5

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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Getting a DUI in Arizona

In Arizona, as in many states, one can get a DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This may include prescription medication. Just because you have a prescription to take an inebriating medication doesn’t mean you should be operating a vehicle. This can be tricky when commuting to and from work while you’re taking a course of medication prescribed by a medical physician. Be sure to carefully plan your doses as to avoid driving while intoxicated.

Law Myth: “I don’t have to give consent to a breathalyzer / blood test”

This is a common myth being propagated by the Internet. It’s definitely controversial and the crux of the problem has to do with differing state and federal laws. In Arizona, when you apply for a driver’s license, you are giving consent to take a breathalyzer (or blood test) during arrest. Now, an attorney may be able to wiggle out of having to take a breathalyzer or blood test, but the average person will find it quite a difficult negotiation during a routine traffic stop. Your best bet is to drive sober and avoid any possible issues at all.