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Cincinnati, like the rest of Ohio was the destination for many European immigrants in the 1800s as well as many brew masters. With that came a long history of producing alcoholic beverages and of course alcohol related issues. As automobiles were introduced to the American life, driving under the influence became a big problem. Cincinnati has been at the heart of this issue for over 100 years now.

If you are seeking legal help because of a recent DUI, please consider reaching out to the lawyers and firms on this page.

DUI Attorneys in Cincinnati Ohio

Arnold Law Firm LLC

8833 Chapelsquare Lane, Suite C
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone number: 513-984-8313
Facebook page:

The Farrish Law Firm

810 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone number: 513-621-8700
Facebook page:

Ganote Law

215 East 9th Street #6th-floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone number: 513-510-3766

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