Clark County Detention Center in Nevada

The Clark County Detention Center is the main jail facility used by many police departments in Southern Nevada for incarceration and DUI arrest purposes. It’s located in the historic downtown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Not every person held or arrested for a DUI in Southern Nevada will be held here. You can use our Nevada Jail and Detention Center locator to call the police departments that may be more local to where the arrest happened.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 671-3900


330 S Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

It’s located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas or “old Las Vegas”. It is one block south east of Las Vegas City Hall. The main entrance is on the intersection of Casino Center Blvd. and East Lewis Ave. You will notice a red wall near the entrance of the detention center. The southern buildings in the complex have red bricks along the first floor and extending to upper floors (in a staircase design).

The jail facility consist of a few twelve story buildings with rounded edges. You’ll notice very thin windows at each story level, a common architectural feature for most jails. The outside walls are tiled with small square tiles.

Driving Directions

Drive times to the facility can vary with local traffic conditions. Check traffic conditions before you embark on your journey to the detention center for best times and routes.

From Highway 15 North

If you’re traveling north on Highway 15 take the Exit 41 (Charleston). Take West Charleston Blvd east (turn right on West Charleston Blvd after you exit the highway and get to the first light. Turn left on Casino Center Blvd. (which says 3rd if you go right, but don’t go right). One lane on Casino Center Blvd. is a dedicated bus lane so don’t drive in that lane.

From Highway 15 South

If you’re traveling south on Highway 15 take Exit 41 (Charleston Blvd). At the light turn left and go under Highway 15. Make a left on Casino Center Blvd. (which says 3rd if you go right, but don’t go right). One lane on Casino Center Blvd. is a dedicated bus lane so don’t drive in that lane.

From 515 North

Exit off 515 freeway at Exit 75. At the light turn right on Las Vegas Blvd North. Then turn left on North Main Street. Next, turn left on East Bridger Ave. Turn right on South Casino Center Blvd. The facility will be on your right in 500 feet.

From Highway 95 South

Take Highway US-95 South and exit on Exit 75B. The exit will turn into Casino Center Blvd. Go south on Casino Center Blvd. The facility will be on your right in half a mile.


There is no street parking immediately in front of the facility. However, there is a parking garage across the street on the corner of East Lewis Ave. and Casino Center Blvd. This parking garage is above a coffee shop.

There is also a Clark County employee parking garage adjacent the main facility.

Inmate Finder & Search

If you are looking for someone that is in the Clark County Nevada Detention Center or you think might be there, you can perform a search at this web address:

When you use the inmate finder you can perform searches in various manners:

  • You can enter the first 2 letters of the person’s last name (however it is recommended that you enter more than 2 letters).
  • You can enter the inmate identification number
  • You can enter the person’s Court Case Number

There’s also a phone number you can call: (702) 671-3900

Visiting Guidelines

Note: Because of COVID-19 visiting the detention center has changed. Please call (702) 671-3900 for the latest information.

Dress Code

There is a dress code for visitors. Be sure to read them before going.

  • You must wear a shirt and shoes. This may seem obvious, but Las Vegas can get hot and some people don’t wear a shirt in the summer.
  • You must keep your shirt and shoes on at all time. Again, this may seem like a “no-brainer”, but it can get hot, so plan on wearing comfortable clothing. Jails can be places of infection, so please keep your shoes on.
  • Blouses and shirts must be tucked in.
  • You may not wear mini skirts or “short shorts”.
  • You may not show exposed underwear.
  • Clothing must not have profanity printed on it.
  • Clothing must not have sexually explicit imagery or language printed on it.
  • Clothing must be free of derogatory language.
  • You may not wear hats, beanies or do-rags.
  • Permission to enter the facility based on your clothing attire is completely at the discretion of the detention center staff. You may be barred from entering for any reason.