Nevada Jails & Detention Centers – Where People May Go If They Get Arrested For A DUI

If someone you know has gotten a DUI or you suspect they have and would like to locate them, we have provided contact information to various police departments and law enforcement agencies below. Note: in smaller cities and in rural areas, people may be transported to larger holding facilities and detention centers. We have organized this page based on Nevada state geography to make it easier to find the correct agency.

Many Nevada law enforcement agencies are very helpful when messaging them on Facebook. Most agencies will have a dedicated Facebook page.

Southern Nevada

geographic regions and counties of Southern Nevada USA


Caliente policing is done through the Lincoln County Sheriff. People arrested for DUIs are held at the Lincoln County Detention Center in Pioche, NV.

Lincoln County Sheriff Department phone number: 775-962-5151
Facebook page:

Boulder City

Boulder City Police Department phone number: 702-293-9224
Boulder City Police Department website:

People arrested for misdemeanor DUIs within the Boulder City limits are normally transported to the Henderson City Jail.

People arrested for felony DUI within Boulder City limits, along with misdemeanor DUI arrests outside Boulder City limits, are normally me transported to the Clark County Detention Center.


Detention Center – Jail phone number: 702-267-JAIL (5245)
Henderson Police Department phone number:

Las Vegas

People that get arrested for DUIs within the city limits of Las Vegas (if booked) would be taken to the Clark County Detention Center.

Las Vegas Police Department phone number: 702-828-3394
Las Vegas Police Department website:
Las Vegas Police Department Facebook page:

Clark County Detention Center phone number: (702) 671-3900
Clark County Detention Center website:

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Detention Center phone number: (702) 633-1400
North Las Vegas Police Headquarters phone number: (702) 633-9111
North Las Vegas Police website:


Mesquite Police Department website:
Mesquite Police Department phone number: (702) 346-6911

Most people arrested for DUIs are taken to the city police department unless the person has had multiple DUIs.

Western Nevada / Sierras

Western Nevada USA geographic region and counties

Carson City

Carson City Sheriff phone number: (775) 887-2500
Carson City Sheriff website:


Reno Police Department phone number: 775-334-2175
Reno Police Department website::


Sparks Police Department phone number: (775) 353-2428
Sparks Police Department website:

Stateline (Lake Tahoe)

Policing in Stateline NV is done by the Douglas County Sheriff.

Douglas County Sheriff Lake Tahoe Substation phone number: 775-782-5126

Other Areas of Nevada

Most of Nevada is sparsely populated and large portions of land are military facilities and open land administered the Bureau of Land Management. Some towns will have their own police department or the Sheriff will police these cities and surrounding areas.

Carlin City

Carlin City police department phone number: (775) 754-2222
Carlin City police department non-emergency number (24 hrs): 775-777-7300
Carlin City police department website:


police department phone number: 775-777-7310
police department website:


Ely NV is policed by the White Pine County Sheriff.

White Pine County Sheriff phone number: 775-289-8808
White Pine County Sheriff website:


Fallon Police Department phone number: (775) 423-2111
Fallon pPlice Department website:


Policing is done by the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Lyon County Fernley Substation phone number: 775.575.3350
Lyon County Sheriff’s Office website:
Lyon County Detention Facility (Jail) phone number: (775) 463-6615


Lovelock police department phone number: (775) 273-2256
Lovelock police department website:


Wells is policed by the Elko County Sheriff.

Elko County Sheriff phone number: 775-738-3421
Elko County Sheriff website:

West Wendover

West Wendover Police Department phone number: (775) 664-2930
West Wendover Police Department website:


Any person taken into custody in Winnemucca or Humboldt County is booked into the Humboldt County jail. The jail phone number is: (775) 623-6423.

Winnemucca Police Department phone number: (775) 623-6396
Winnemucca Police Department website:
Winnemucca Police Facebook Page:


Yerington police department phone number: (775) 463-2332 & (775) 463-2333
Yerington Police / Public Safety webpage: