Fabbrini Law Group LLC, IL

Fabbrini Law Group LLC is located at 321 North Clark Street. The offices are on the 5th floor of a massive glass building, right on the corner of North Clark Street and James C. Tyree Way. It’s also on the banks of the Chicago River, between the North Clark Bridge and Dearborn Street Bridge. You can park your car on the street, but as this is effectively the center of Chicago, you should better look for a spot in the nearby Sterling Self Park or Greenway Garage.

Practice Areas

  • DUI
  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Law
  • Driver’s License Issues
  • Testimonials

Contact Information

Address: 321 N Clark 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone number: 312-494-3131
Website: WindyCityLawFirm.com

Social Media

Facebook page: facebook.com/WindyCityLaw
Twitter: twitter.com/windycitylaw

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