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DWI Attorney Profiles

Information for First Time Offenders

A first time offender in Wyoming has an interesting meaning. Apparently you are only considered a first time offender if you haven’t have a DUI in the past five years.

Under 21 Years of Age:

They are tougher on younger citizens in Wyoming. If you are pulled over and found with a .02% BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) they can charge you with a DUI. That means try buying mouth wash that doesn’t have alcohol in it, because you could get a DUI on your way to work (assuming you rinse with mouthwash before work)!

Over 21 Years of Age:

Just like every other state in the Union, if you are found with a BAC of .08% or higher you will probably be charged with a DUI.

Basic DUI Penalties

Wyoming is a bit more lenient on people who have been pulled over for a DUI. There is an option for first time offenders to go to a program called Probation Before Sentencing. This is a six month program that consists of educational courses and treatment. If you are granted access to this program and complete it successfully your record is cleared. However, you can only participate in this program once. Even if you are a first time offender that has had a DUI 5 years prior.

Wyoming Jails & Detention Centers

If someone you know has gotten arrested for a DUI in the state of Wyoming and you’re trying to locate where they are, then try our Wyoming Jail & Detention center locator.