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Getting a DUI in California

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of DUI attorneys in California. Begin your search here to find the right one. Considering California is the nation’s most populated state, you find more DUI attorney’s in California than any other state. Choosing the right lawyer can save you thousands of dollars in fees, wages and most importantly: time.

Considering California generates probably the most DUI’s of any state in America, DUIs have become a business. Not only are DUIs a source of income for city and state institutions, they also provide income for many attorneys in California. The idea is to find a lawyer that is sensitive to your needs and circumstances. Plenty of lawyers that are doing DUIs in California are processing clients like an assembly line, giving no special attention to any one client. Consider this when choosing your attorney.

Before choosing any California lawyer, be sure to check them out on this website: Attorney Search

If you click on that link above, you will see a form where you can type in the laywer’s name or bar ID. Go ahead and type in the name of the attorney you are thinking about working with. After hitting the search button, the resulting page will give you a list of names of possible matches. In most cases there will only be one result. Click on the attorney’s name. Immediately the resulting page will tell if you the lawyer is able to practice law in the state of California. If they are not able to practice law in California, find a new attorney immediately.

The results page will also show you what law school they attended. A general rule of thumb for California is that any University of California school is considered a good law school. Other notable tier one law schools include: USC and Stanford. The academic institution that the attorney got their degree from does not mean that they will be an excellent lawyer, but it will give you an indication of their level of focus, priority and responsibility during their lifetime. People who get into tier one law schools usually have their heads on straight. Finally, the bottom of the results page will say “Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law”. This part says it all. It will break down any problems they have had with the state bar. If your attorney has these following statements:

Disciplinary and Related Actions:

This member has no public record of discipline.

Administrative Actions:

This member has no public record of administrative actions.

Then you have either found a relatively young attorney (which you can cross reference by how long they have been admitted to the State Bar) or you have found a decent attorney that is capable of handling your case.

Also you may want to refer to our California Drunk Driving Glossary of Terms.

Here is an interesting link: UC Berkley Report of California DUI Crashes